Backyard & Garden Landscape Design in Ottawa

Hansen Lawn and Gardens Ltd. harnesses a legacy of creative, high-quality landscape designs for optimal and beautiful results. Our backyard and garden designs have paved the way to establishing Hansen as a premier design and build company in the Ottawa area. Partnering with homeowners, our approach ensures an ideal landscape environment, improves overall curb appeal, increases property value, and can often save you money in the long run.

landscape plan concept
back garden

Our Process

Our experienced designers constantly strive to find something wonderful, new, and unique in their garden designs in the Ottawa area. Their emphasis when it comes to landscape design focuses on constant quality, appreciating the vibrant natural twists and turns that go along with creating a beautiful outdoor environment. Whether your intentions are to create a ‘staycation’ escape, a more comfortable entertaining area on your patio, or simply increase the value of your home, we’re here to make your landscaping dreams a reality. Get in touch today!