Ed Hansen on the Landscape Ontario Podcast

Lindsay Drake Nightengale and Ed Hansen join the podcast to talk about Landscape Ontario new Social Awareness and Ethics Committee. Check out the podcast here!

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Ed Hansen on the Nextra Consulting Podcast

Grant from Nextra Consulting talks to Ed Hansen about a wide range of topics, from how Ed got into landscaping, to growing his business, to his chairing the Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging committee at Landscape Ontario. This episode just feels... Read More

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Landscape Ontario: Committed to Safety

We are Ontario’s landscape and horticulture professionals. We grow and sell plants, and design, build and maintain the landscapes, that improve our environment and provide spaces for families and friends to play and come together. Now, spring is... Read More

Le Droit: Ontario Businesses Re-Opening Cautiously

Our own Ed Hansen was interviewed in a French-language article for Le Droit, on the subject of Ontario businesses beginning the process of re-opening with caution. In the article, Ed talks about the economic impact for Ontario landscapers potenti... Read More

Ottawa Chapter founder honoured with special award

Jim Bauer, founder of Landscape Ontario’s Ottawa Chapter, was bestowed with a Landscape Ontario Honorary Lifetime Membership Award at the Ottawa Chapter golf tournament, held July 26, 2018 at the Meadows Golf and Country Club in Ottawa, Ont. The... Read More

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CTV: Grow Your Green Thumb With a Vertical Garden

Our own Ed Hansen appeared once again on CTV News to discuss some new and upcoming gardening and landscaping trends, notably the vertical garden. “I think traditionally, we always think about putting things on the ground. We always think about t... Read More

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CTV Ottawa News: Home And Garden Show

Our very own Ed Hansen chats with CTV News at the Ottawa Home & Garden show. Ed shares his expert advice on backyard trends, including prominent planters and water features. “There’s lots of studies for water making people relax a ... Read More

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CTV: Take a Swing at Cancer

Ed Hansen is talking about the story behind the fundraising event, its community impact and the 13th annual Take a Swing at Cancer on Thursday, June 9th. To watch the full video please click here.

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Horticultural Trades Association Landscape Ontario featured us

In this article Ed Hansen shares his active approach to educating clients about the investment component of landscaping. He hosts seminars and consults with realtors on a regular basis to keep up with the trends and innovations. While clients don&... Read More

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